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Electronics/Extra Low Voltage ICT Services

ICT engineering In the Philippines has been covered under the Republic Act 9292, known as "The Electronics Engineering Law of 2004".

Republic Act No 9292

Regulated by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), Professional Electronics Engineer (PECE), Electronics Engineer (ECE), and Electronics Technicians (ECT) exercises the legal right to practice Information Communications Technology engineering. Electronics engineering however, does not only cover ICT, it also includes Electronic Security Systems, Life Safety Systems, Sustainable system designs thru Automation and Controls. According to Section 5 of RA 9292 states that:


Electronics Engineering is already a necessity in the design and construction industry. ICT, life safety, sustainability and security evolved not just an "Auxiliary Systems" of electrical engineering design, or an optional need of a client, but rather an independent engineering specialization because of environmental considerations, conscious security demands, integrated technology considerations, and, life protection.

The Philippine government saw the importance of Electronics Engineering, thus, the above mentioned law was further implemented through the revision of the implementing rules and regulation of the National Building Code, under Rule 3: Building Permits, Section 301, which officialise the inclusion of the Electronics Permit as part of the Ancillary Permits requirement upon submission of Building Permit documents.

Permit And Inspections
Electronics Documents

Relative to facts stated above, R.C.MEDINA Consultancy Corp. shall cater to the following services typically excluded by typical consultants:

  1. Information Communications Technology Consultancy - Full design of current telephony and data transmission which includes Data Centres and Backbone Systems, not just "ROUGHING-INS ONLY".
    • Data Centre Sizing, Distribution, and Tiering
    • Voice and Data Structured Cabling System (Copper and/or Fiber Optics Distribution)
    • Local Area Networking and Wide Area Networking (LAN and WAN)
    • Server and Switching Specifications
    • Point of Sale Systems (POS)
    • Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX), IP or Analog System
    • Wireless Access Distribution (WiFi)
    • Distributive Antenna Systems (In-House Mobile GSM Reception)
    • Intercom System, Analog or Digital
  2. Electronics Security Systems Consultancy - Full design which includes equipment, head-end, and, Backbone Systems, not just "ROUGHING-INS ONLY". If required or applicable, we will be working in tandem with Risk Assessment Consultants to validate and/or provide additional security measures in our design.
    • Access Control Systems
    • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), IP or Analog
    • Key Management System
    • Guard Tour System
    • Two-Way Radio System, Analog or Digital
  3. Audio-Video Systems Consultancy - Full design which includes equipment, head-end, and, Backbone Systems, not just "ROUGHING-INS ONLY".
    • Public Address and Evacuation System
    • Background Music System
    • Community or Master Antenna Television System (CATV/MATV)
    • Video-On-Demand System (VOD)
    • Sound Systems - Dolby Digital Systems - DTS Systems - 5.1 Surround - 7.1 Surround - Standard Stereo
    • Television and Projection Systems
  4. Building Management and Fire Alarm System Consultancy - Full system design of automation systems vital to Green Building and safety applications.
    • Building Automation System
    • Chiller Plant Management System
    • Room Automation System
    • Fire Detection and Alarm System
    • Car park Management Systems