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Mechanical Engineering

  • Air conditioning and Ventilation systems based on code and environmental sustainability requirements.
    Including zoning of ventilation systems.
  • Design of complete ductworks and equipment layouts for installation of major ventilation systems.
  • Provide detailed engineering computations to finalize equipment sizes.
  • Plant Room design including sizes in block form showing the location of principal plant.
  • Generator set Fuel Oil System supply design.

Electrical Engineering

  • Design of power reticulation and distribution based on local or international code, and, environmentally sustainable requirements.
  • Providing electrical load analysis and load schedule.
  • Design of emergency and exit lighting system.
  • Design for Stand-by emergency power.
  • Design of lightning protection system.
  • Plant room design of Emergency power showing in block form the location of the principal plant.
  • Room design of Main switch showing high voltage switchgear, transformers, main switchboard, main feeder routing and provision for future expansion.
  • Design of Common area and Back-of-House area lighting.

Hydraulic Plumbing Engineering

  • Design of internal water distribution and sanitary drainage systems based on local or international codes, and, environmentally sustainable requirements.
  • Design of service duct provision.
  • Provision of all valve access, inspection openings and isolation valves.
  • Integration with specialist consultants with regards to plumbing provisions.
  • Design of Roof Storm Drainage.
  • Provision of roughing-in of all toilets
  • Design of water supply and sewer reticulation site systems.

Fire Protection Engineering

  • Design of Fire Protection systems based on applications as required by local or international codes.
  • Design of plant rooms for fire protection equipment including pipe work layout.
  • Details of fire protection accessories, valves, pipe reticulation and controls.

Electronics/Extra Low Voltage
ICT Engineering

  • Engineering design has evolved from civil-structural, to the 3 basic utilities which are air, water, and electricity, and, up to the most recent necessity which is the ICT. Previously, these utilities were represented in engineering by Mechanical, Electrical, and Sanitary. ICT engineering In the Philippines has been covered under the Republic Act 9292, known as "The Electronics Engineering Law of 2004".

Engineering Support Services
during construction

In consideration that the Construction/Project Manager will be responsible for construction administration, reporting, and implementation. R.C. MEDINA Consultancy Corp. will support and assist the project team at the site. Specifically as follows:

  1. Contract Supervision:
    • Review and evaluation of all shop drawings, materials and schedules submitted by contractor.
    • Attend construction meetings.
    • Provide consultation to issues encountered at site during implementation.
    • Provide monthly field reports, if required.
  2. Punch Listing will be conducted to assure that design is properly implemented.
    • Review, inspection and documentation of construction, when notification is received from the contractor that work is substantially complete.
    • Issue written documentation of the punch list to project team within 48 hours of walk through.
    • Conduct final review and sign off of punch list items
  3. Testing and Commissioning of MEPF and ICT systems. It shall also include review of the contractor's complete final set of plans and drawings that reflects the "as-built" condition of the project.